Our Team

Pan-Chyr Yang
Position Summary
  • Manage and oversee all affairs of the YIH
Associate Dean
Yuan Luo
Position Summary
  • Assist in the management of all affairs of the YIH
Senior Clerk
Amber Chen
Position Summary
  • Personnel recruitment and project funding execution progress management
  • Receive and deliver official documents; property management
  • Coordination of administrative affairs of the Biomedical Engineering Hall
  • Manage affairs related to the meetings of the YIH
  • Reimbursement and management of the YIH
  • Update and maintain the YIH webpage
  • Planning and execution of the YIH events
  • Other tasks assigned
Student Worker
Cian-Yi Zang
Position Summary
  • Official document delivery and exchange
  • Environment cleaning and administrative support
  • Other tasks assigned